A lot of people worldwide are afflicted with eczema, which is a hypersensitivity of the skin. It is characterized by an inflammation of the skin, with redness, crustiness, dryness, and flakiness. Blisters and oozing may be present. In the United States alone, over 15 million are diagnosed with the said skin condition. This means there is a big market for eczema treatments. The most popular ones are commercial medications, such as steroid creams, immunosuppressants, immunomodulators, and antibiotics. These drugs pose the risk of harmful side effects, but are still being used by the many hopeful sufferers of eczema. What they do not realize is that homeopathy, a form of alternative medicine, is just as effective as what they are currently using. What is more important is that it offers patients a safer option free of unintentional overdose, drug interactions, allergic reactions, and other side effects for less than what you would normally pay for a doctor’s visit.
Homeopathy comes from the Greek words hómoios, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning disease or suffering. Homeopathic practitioners claim that by following the Law of Similars, they can make remedies for certain types of diseases. The Law of Similars states that because contact with a particular substance can bring about certain symptoms in a healthy individual, that substance – when properly prepared – can rouse the curative power of the human body to overcome the same symptoms when that person has an illness.
Some benefits of homeopathy include the following:
  1. Addresses the root of the problem: the altered immune system
  2. Deep acting
  3. Non-toxic and safe
Eczema has been understood as internal disorder that manifests externally. In many inner diseases, the disease cures itself by moving outwards as rash. Eczema can then be considered as an inner disease attempting to cure itself, but getting stuck halfway. Thus, treating it with topical medication is ineffective in the long run. It has to be healed at a deeper level, and this is best done using homeopathic remedies.
Here are a few examples of homeopathic remedies for eczema:
  1. Arum triphyllum (Indian turnip). This is useful when the flare-ups are on the lower areas of the face, such as around the mouth. The nostrils may be swollen and the lips may be chapped. The chin may feel irritated. Those who need this treatment usually have throat irritation.
  2. Calendula. This is used for irritated skin that has a tendency to contract infections. The topical use of this herb in gel, lotion, or tincture preparation calms skin inflammation and inhibits infection.
  3. Graphites. This is indicated for people who have leathery skin that has cracks and often have a long history of skin diseases. The affected areas are usually the hands and the area around the mouth and behind the ears. Difficulty in concentrating, especially during the morning, is observed in one who needs Graphites.
  4. Petroleum. This is for those with extremely dry skin that tends to crack, particularly on the palms and fingertips. The condition of these individuals gets worse in cold weather. Deep cracks show and bleed, especially in winter.