Eczema is a medical condition that involves the inflammation of the skin. It is usually characterized by redness, inflammation, breaking, flaking, cracking, and dryness of the skin. Blisters and lesions may also be present so infection is a possibility.
A lot of people worldwide are afflicted with this hypersensitivity of the skin. In search for the perfect cure for eczema, they have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on commercial skincare products, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and alternative herbal remedies. Majority of these people experience disappointment and frustration with the negative results that they got, while some are blessed with a little improvement in their skin condition. The few who think they got completely cured of eczema become devastated upon finding out it just recurred.
A good and thorough understanding of eczema and its treatment is vital in dealing with it. It would have saved a lot of people from being discouraged and depressed had they known that there is no cure for eczema. No one in the medical field has found the one thing that would totally eliminate it. The treatments for eczema currently out in the market can only reduce its symptoms. Thus, it would be better to just prevent it from flaring up. This can be done only when we know its causes.
It is common sense that skincare products with harsh chemicals may cause allergies and skin irritations, causing eczema to set off. Thus, one of the first things that you should do is to discontinue the use of such products. Switch to something milder – those that are soap, alcohol, and fragrance-free. These chemicals may strip our skin of its natural moisture.
Another major cause of eczema is our exposure to allergens. Eczema is often an allergic reaction of our body to certain substances that it deems foreign. These substances range from drugs to pollen to food. It is virtually impossible to isolate yourself from these allergens because most of them can be found almost everywhere. A good example would be dust. Since they can’t be avoided, the only thing we can do is to minimize our exposure to them. For instance, you can keep your pets away from particular rooms, such as your bedroom. Avoid hanging heavy curtains and get rid of other things that will just collect dust. Keep your windows closed if you’re allergic to pollen. If you’re allergic to mold, avoid going to damp areas and keep the rooms in your house clean and dry. These are just a few of what you can do depending on what you are allergic to. Eliminating allergies is just a matter of avoiding allergens.
Excessive sweating is another factor that can trigger eczema. If you can, refrain from engaging in activities that you know will make you perspire a lot. If this is not possible, make sure to take a quick shower after these activities and dry your body thoroughly but gently.
Eczema has other causes, such as dry skin and psychological stress. There are a lot of measures that you can take in order to avoid them. There might not be a real cure for eczema, but at least you can do something to avoid it.